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Elbow and Forearm Pain

To use the upper limb, whether in sport or everyday activities demands a well functioning elbow. Common conditions we see, and the treatment we use are:

Tennis Elbow

The most common condition we see in our clinic is lateral elbow pain or pain on the outside aspect of the elbow. It is common amongst sports people and manual workers. This condition has been known as "tennis elbow" – however, this is not a diagnostic term. It is no more specific than back pain as a diagnosis. In fact this condition is more common in non tennis players then tennis players! Generally the symptoms arise from a degenerative process relating to a strength deficit in one of the extensor tendons of the forearm just below where it originates from the elbow. This is most commonly a result of an overuse syndrome related to excessive use of the wrist. Frequently there is also a significant contribution from the neck and upper spine. The pain can range from relatively trivial to almost incapacitating.

Golfers Elbow

A very similar condition may also afflict the inside aspect of the elbow and is commonly referred to as "golfers elbow". This condition is also of an overuse nature relating to a strength deficit.


Stockport Physio uses a combination of treatments to resolve these frustrating and often debilitating injuries. These include massage, stretching the muscles and nerves, mobilisation and manipulation to the neck and upper spine, strapping and a detailed functional rehabilitation program that addresses strengthening, the correction of predisposing factors and a graduated return to activity.

Most patients with chronic elbow pain have some form of referred pain from the neck. Treatment for this referred pain is covered under Neck Pain.

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