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Who gets headaches?

Headaches affect approximately two-thirds of the population. Many of these headaches are classified as "cervical headaches" and "tension headaches". These headaches are often seen in those with poor posture, office workers and people under a great deal of stress.

Typical Presentaion

A common presentation at Stockport Physio is of the office worker who works at a desk all day and does not have time to concentrate on their posture. They are typically under pressure at work and this coupled with poor posture at their desk leads to tight muscles and joints in their neck, shoulders and upper back which in turn manifests itself as a headache. Does this sound like you? Read on to learn more about headaches and how we treat them.

What causes Headaches?

Cervical and tension headaches are caused by abnormalities of the joints, muscles, fascia and neural structures of the neck. Typically the headaches are described as a constant, steady, dull ache often unilateral but sometimes bilateral. The headache is usually in base of the head and is commonly returned to the forehead and temples. The headache is usually of gradual onset and may be present for days, weeks or even months. Neck pain, stiffness and poor posture are often associated with the headache.

Treatment for cervical and tension headaches involves the correction of the abnormalities of joints, muscles and neural structures found on examination as well as correction of any possible precipitating factors such as postural abnormalities.


Treatment includes:

Stockport Physio guides the patient through a personalised rehabilitation program to correct the current problem and prevent further recurrence of the headache.

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