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What is Massage?

Massage is an enjoyable and relaxing hands-on treatment, which not only helps the body to heal itself, but also lifts the spirit. Massage can be defined as the systematic and manual manipulation of the body's soft tissue for therapeutic purposes promoting health and well-being.

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Your massage can be soothing and comforting, energising and uplifting, deep or superficial - all treatments will be tailored to your individual requirements. It's the time of day that's just for you. Massage can be for total relaxation ~ not only for specific therapeutic conditions. More people are actively seeking relaxation treatments as part of their professional lives and lifestyle. Many conditions, both physical and psychological, may benefit from treatment and, at its best, in conjunction with appropriate exercise and diet, massage can really give a sense of wellbeing. Massage complements orthodox medical treatment, and can be particularly beneficial when combined with a course of physiotherapy. Stockport Physio will also be able to show you some simple self-massage techniques to accompany any exercises your Physiotherapy program, and even educate your partner on how do give a therapeutic massage.

What are the benefits of massage?

Massage is well indicated for stress related conditions as it promotes deep relaxation and helps fatigue. The stiffness and discomfort of postural tension is eased by stretching and warming the muscles as well as deeper work to remove fibrous knots and congestion. Increased circulation of oxygenated blood to the muscles promotes healing and the drainage of toxins helps strengthen the immune system. The deeper tissue work is particularly good for those who regularly participate in sporting activities.

The benefits of massage vary depending on the particular circumstances of the person being treated. The most common benefits are summarised below:-

muscle healing

The movement of the massage promote blood flow into the muscle tissue which introduces increased levels of oxygen and removes toxins, thus aiding the healing process.

stress relief

Tired or overworked muscles in the neck and shoulders can lead to fibrosis in the muscles as the fibres become knotted - this can lead to headaches, back pain, tingling joints and a feeling of general lethargy. A massage is the most effective and enjoyable way to relieve these symptoms.

Why choose massage?

Stockport Physio find clients reasons for choosing massage are:

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