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Neck Pain

Neck pain is an extremely common condition and there are many recognisable symptoms associated with it. Neck pain is often associated with headaches and can also refer pain to the shoulder and arm. Stockport Physio will give you a thorough assessment and ask you about headaches and any referred pain.

Following are some of the most common neck conditions we treat at Stockport Physio.

Cervical postural syndrome

The most common syndrome associated with neck pain that we see is that described as "cervical postural syndrome". This condition is characterised by a protruding chin, rounded shoulders and upper spine. The patient often complains of a burning or aching across the shoulders and neck. Pain is aggravated by a prolonged static posture. We commonly see this from office workers who work at a computer.

While benefiting from our integrated treatment approach to address the various abnormalities associated with this condition, these patients also benefit from a tailored workplace ergonomic assessment from one of our therapists.

Acute wry neck pain

Acute wry neck pain is another common injury which can be extremely painful. It is characterised by sudden onset of sharp neck pain with deformity and limitation of movement. It occurs either after a sudden quick movement or on waking.


Whiplash is a common injury in motor vehicle accidents and may also occur in sport. Typically the patient rarely complains of pain at the time of injury. There will however be a gradual increase in pain over the following few days. Immobilising the neck in a soft collar as soon as possible after the injury prevents the development of symptoms.

Nerve root pain

Acute nerve root pain is a condition characterised by moderate to severe arm pain, possibly including pins and needles. Neck pain may or may not be a feature; movement of the neck aggravates the pain.


All of these neck conditions are treated in a unique individual way where the treatment and rehabilitation is tailored to your own specific condition.

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