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Personal Excercise Programmes

Designed for you

Stockport Physio can design personal exercise programmes specific to you. These serve to improve mobility and strengthen appropriate muscles. This results in optimal mobility and stability and enables you to achieve your highest potential level of physical function at any stage of life. Stockport Physio can also design specific exercises for neurological and respiratory conditions.

Exercise is an "energiser" and improves a person's capacity for physical work.

Benefits of Exercise

Regular exercise improves body strength and flexibility. Muscle activity strengthens joints, ligaments and muscle.

Joints and muscles benefit by being moved through their full range of movement. Bone strength (bone mineral density) is improved with weight bearing exercise such as running or aerobics.

Regular exercise will assist with weight control. A small amount of exercise (such as a walk) each day will result in slow, steady weight loss.

Some medical conditions, such as asthma, are better controlled when regular exercise is taken. Stockport Physio can design specific exercises for chest patients.

Sport and exercise is a good reliever of stress and promotes a better all-round physical and psychological well-being.

Statistics show a reduction in heart disease and an improved cardio-vascular system in people who take regular exercise. Lower cholesterol levels can be better maintained with routine exercise.

Stockport Physio makes sure that the exercise you do will give you the benefits that you require.

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