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Sports Injuries

We treat all types of sports injuries, ranging from ACL tears in the knee to simple sprains of the ankle or joint separations of the shoulder. Whether you have an ongoing problem from an old injury or you have just hurt yourself, we can help. Our experienced staff will accurately assess your problem and provide you with the rehabilitation that you need in order to return to your sport as soon as possible. Early recovery and active rehabilitation are important goals in the treatment of sports injuries; our clinic is equipped with a large gym and the appropriate tools to help you achieve these goals.

How can physiotherapy help?

Whether you are an elite athlete or simply enjoy recreational sport and activity, we will fully assess your problem. From there we will devise a treatment programme to allow you to maximise your potential and facilitate your return to sport.

Early diagnosis and treatment of any sports related injury, from strains to sprains, will help to minimise damage and achieve the best results.

A full biomechanical assessment is required to not only diagnose the problems but also to source the cause of the problem. This is important for the full return to sports. Often only the symptoms are treated and as a result the problem is not identified leading to a recurrence later on. Preventing further injuries is as important as treating the pain.

Once the acute stage of the injury has been treated, a rehabilitation programme is essential to ensure the quickest recovery and return to sporting activity. Stockport Physio's rehabilitation will enable you to retrain the specific skills required for your sport or activity, as well as ensuring you condition yourself to reduce the chance of the same injury in the future.

Injury Prevention

Stockport Physio has experience in treating all levels of athletes from recreational to elite levels. Our physiotherapists can offer advise on fitness and training if you are planning to embark on a strenuous sporting activity (e.g. Skiing). This can help to improve the body's condition and reduce the risk of injury. Please keep the following prevention tips in mind as they will help you reduce your injury risk:

Whether your sport is soccer, hockey, basketball or golf, after you have properly healed, we ensure that you receive the appropriate exercises and drills to prevent a re-occurrence and enhance your performance so that you can return to your sport in top notch shape.

Running injuries

Running injuries are assessed using a combination of:

The aim is to find the cause of the problem and not just treat the injury itself. This will give you a positive long term outcome and help prevent further injuries.

Common problems seen in runners which can be effectively treated with Physiotherapy are;

We also have close links with Podiatrists and Orthotics and will refer you when appropriate.

Ski Injuries

It is important that all injuries are rehabilitated back to full sports and not left once the client has become pain free. Often when this happens joints are not fully mobile and muscles are not strengthened enough to deal with demands of skiing and as a result reoccurrence of injury can be high. In order to prevent this we take our client back to a level when they are safe to return to the peaks.

Our chartered physiotherapists are able to assess and treat all skiing injuries. Treatment and Assessment includes the following: