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Wrist & Hand Pain

Stockport Physio see patients with wrist pain from an acute injury (such as a fall on an outstretched hand), or pain that has developed gradually as a result of overuse. Wrist and hand pain may also be referred from the neck or upper spine. Treatment for this referred pain is covered under Neck Pain.

Wrist Pain Actue

Injuries to the wrist often occur as a result of a fall on to the outstretched hand. These injuries may include fractures of the wrist bones (radius, ulna, scaphiod) and dislocation of the hand bones. Patients may also fracture a bone in their hand (the hamate) swinging a golf club or tennis racquet. These injuries usually require further investigations and physiotherapy to restore strength and movement as the fracture/ dislocation heals.

Wrist Pain Chronic

Wrist pain may also be from a gradual onset. This type of pain is often a result of overuse and associated with the tendons around the wrist. Treatment for wrist injuries includes mobilisation, graduated strengthening, nerve stretches and strapping.

Hand Injuries

Hand and finger injuries are very common in sport and although the majority require minimal treatment, some are potentially serious and require immobilisation, precise splinting or surgery. Many hand and finger injuries require specific rehabilitation and appropriate protection upon return to activity. Treatment and rehabilitation of hand injuries is complex and involves splinting, compression, specific strengthening exercises and taping.

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